About Me

Hello and welcome, I’m Cee, the creator of Oil & Butter Soaps.

What started as an online archive of my soapmaking trials and experiments has turned into so much more than I ever imagined. It’s developed into an important creative outlet for me, and I’ve discovered an interest in photography and writing that I didn’t know existed! I love experimenting with new soap ingredients and techniques in CP, HP and MP soaps...I still have a lot to learn, but that's what keeps it interesting :)

In addition to this blog, you will also find me curating the soaping channel Soap and Suds TV: http://soapsandsudstv.waywire.com/, where I share tutorials, tips and tricks for handmade bath and body products. Hope to see you over there!

I really value the comments and feedback I receive from everyone; if you have any questions, suggestions or inquiries, you can contact me at oilandbutter@gmail.com


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