Monday, July 30, 2012

Cedar and Saffron cut

This is my first 'Celine' swirl, thank you Laura for introducing me to it! I need to practice a bit, but I love it already! A couple of side notes: I can't believe how hard these bars are already after 2 days, it must be from the sodium lactate. Also, it's kind of hard to see in the picture, but the copper mica stayed shimmery in the CP. I also sprayed the top with rubbing alcohol every half hour for the first 2 hours, and it made a big ash this time!


  1. Fantastic swirl and great colors!!! Absolutly beautiful!!!!

  2. Wowzers Cee Gee, this looks fabulous! The colors pop so beautifully! I'm glad you are liking the Celine swirl, it really is a very easy technique to use no matter how you pour your colors in. It seems to give a cleaner version of an in-the-pot swirl to me. I may never ITP swirl again, haha!! And yay for sodium lactate!

  3. Thanks Laura! I totally agree about it being a cleaner swirl, it keeps the colors sharper :)

  4. Wow! I just Googled the "Celine Swirl" and found this post... so glad you're liking the technique!!



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