Saturday, July 28, 2012

Soap Flowers

I haven't made melt and pour soap for a while, so I thought I would try sculpting some flowers. For every square of MP soap (0.8 oz), I added 0.2 oz of liquid castile soap to help it stay a bit flexible. I poured the mixture onto the counter and let it set up, and then either used a cookie cutter or free hand to cut out the soap, and then rolled it and formed it into flowers. The flower pot was made by swirling warm soap up and around the sides of a deep silicone muffin pan, until it had built up enough layers around the side but was still hollow in the middle - the same technique you would use if you were making a chocolate bowl =) 


  1. Wow, your soap flowers are gorgeous, Cee Gee! Great job rolling the flowers. You are so creative! What a neat idea to use liquid castile to keep the soap flexible. And I love the little flower pot!

    1. Thanks Jenny, I really appreciate your comments :)

  2. You're pretty good at this soap thing!! ;)

  3. It keeps me out of!

  4. Is this the one another soaper refers to as "fondant soap"?



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