Sunday, July 15, 2012

White Chocolate Soap

I was curious to try melted white chocolate in soap, and today I got a chance to try it. I held back a little oil to melt with the chocolate in the microwave, and I added the melted white chocolate at trace. The soap behaved very well and maybe traced a little bit faster, but not much. The soap turned a bit darker after hot processing it, even with adding TD before the cook, so I'm not sure if that is from the fragrance oil I used (Buttery Maple Oats Honey) or from the white chocolate. I have tested a sliver of it already, and it lathers very nicely:


  1. I did this with my own formulation. Cee was right, altough TD has been added before the cook, the batter did get darker in color afterwards. It was nice, white and creamy looking before the cook, and I was very happy with that... BUT, the color got darker after the cook. My guess is the white chocolate, as it contains vanillin in it.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing that! I didn't find the soap got any darker over time, so that's good! I need to try making a batch of these white chocolate soaps again, thanks for reminding me :)



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