Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Happy Fall Everyone!

I realized that I hadn't made a 'predictable' soap in a while; something without new ingredients or techniques. So, yesterday I decided to make a soap I didn’t have to think too much about, just my basic trusted recipe. This soap is scented with Heavenly, which is a dupe of a Victoria’s Secret fragrance. The fragrance oil is described as a floral fragrance sweetened with apples; I like it because it’s a very soft feminine scent without being overly floral. The soap is colored with ultramarine blue and black oxides, and sprinkled with iridescent stars and glitter :)

Here is a peek at the top:
And cut:

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  1. Wow, heavenly fragrance! Beautiful top, I wish I could see your soap cut !

  2. It looks like waves at night, with stars and everything.

  3. Thanks so much Natalia and Kirppu! Natalia, I added a cut pic :)

  4. Beautiful soap,Cee,I love both colours and swirls.
    What is this tiny,white,circular line, close to the edges? Is it from swirling? Nice,looks like you wanted it to be there.

    1. Thank you Maja! I don't know what that white line is from, hopefully someone else can comment on what it might be? I put the soap in the freezer to prevent gel, so I'm not sure if it has something to do with that.

  5. Beautiful swirls, Cee Gee! The scent sounds wonderful. I love blue and black together, and the little glitter stars are cute!

  6. Thanks Jenny, I'm still practicing my 'Celine' swirl! :)

  7. Love it! The stars on top are certainly the right finishing touch! <3

  8. just beautiful, Cee Gee! love the stars :)

  9. Love the Celine swirl Cee Gee! I just ordered some of that star glitter, I am excited to get it in! Your blog looks super cute now too!

    P.S. I should have your package for the swap in the mail next week =D

  10. Thank you Heather and Kalla, I really appreciate it! Thanks Laura, you will have so much fun with the star glitter! I'm super excited to receive your swap package =)



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