Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Soaps That Didn’t Make The Blog

This one’s for you Maja! Maja recently asked me if I ever have soaps that don’t come out the way that I planned, and she reminded me that I had been saving this picture to share with you guys:

Now, it isn’t that there is anything wrong with these soaps quality-wise, and sure they look okay. But I want to be excited about a soap when I share it on here with you guys. Aesthetically, these just didn’t cut it; they were either too crumbly or spotty, or didn’t come out the way I envisioned, or didn’t excite me enough to post them on the blog.

I also learned something with each soap that didn't turn out out:

Luxury soap: The combination of milks and honey caused it to overheat. At first, the soap looked like it had measles from all the orange spots the overheated honey caused, so now I always put this soap in the freezer overnight to prevent gelling.

Gradient soap: I probably need to do more than 3 colors for an interesting gradient soap, next time I will try 5.

Sandalwood: I think the colors were just too light in the one and the colors I chose didn’t really match the woodsy fragrance.

Cherry Blossom: I learned, after a few trials, that I can’t use sodium lactate in my soaps when I use my rectangular tray mold. For some reason they turn out really crumbly, so I omit the SL if I’m going to use my tray mold. The same thing happened with the Blackberry Soap.

Rubber Ducky Soap: Although I liked the colors, I thought the soap was just too plain, I’m still trying to think of a new way to do this one.

Sorry little soapies, but you just didn’t make the cut this time :(

Hopefully, this next one will have better luck. So far, so good:
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  1. How cute, little ghosts holding candy corn :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I couldn't resist them! I visited your blog, you make beautiful soaps and candles!

  3. Now, I feel a bit relieved. Although these soaps are not looking bad at all,especially the sandalwood one. I usually get those specks when I use honey,but never have noticed the soap has overheated!? Thanks for sharing,Cee!
    Looking forward to seeing these little ghosts cut! Look promising!

    1. You're welcome Maja! I actually edited the post to add why I thought each soap didn't work, I definitely learned something valuable from each and every one.

  4. In Germany, we would call that some complaining on a pretty high level... ;). I do like the looks of your soaps but on the other hand, I know that sometimes the expectations of us soapers are just totally different from what the soap wants *g*.

  5. I know about that disappointment when after detailed planning the soap does not appear as expected! Those failures are learning opportunities. But I really like those soaps - don’t be so hard to yourself!

  6. Thanks you guys, I'm definitely guilty of being hard on myself, I'm glad to know I'm not alone! I guess I just thought that if the soap wasn't very interesting to me, it probably wouldn't be interesting to anyone else either! I promise I'll try to be better, and will post the soap even if I think it's not very exciting or didn't turn out the way I'd hoped ;)

  7. We all wish we made only perfect soaps,but often forget this is a handmade art,so even if it's less than perfection,it's still an art (of course,if it's not total mess,ha,ha)!

  8. for the duck soap. you can try and make it again, but then add whipped soap on the top and sit the ducky in there or, do round balls of soap first and put them around the duck. Just a thought.



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