Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blackberry Sage Soap (with piped rosettes)

I haven't made a 'me' soap in a while, and thought I would like to have another try at a rosette soap. You may remember this post from all the way back in June 2013, when I first made soap rosettes!

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when doing this type of soap with a piping technique:

1. Work at low temps (90 to 100 degree lye solution for me)
2. Choose a slow moving recipe
3. Select a fragrance that does not accelerate or discolor

My first attempt this time was this soap:

It is fragranced with Birthday Cake, and while it turned out okay, I thought I would like to try it again with a smaller tip to see if I could get more definition in the flowers (I use open-star tips for my rosettes).

Because I am fragrancing this one with Blackberry Sage, I pictured a light earthy green for the bottom and a muted purple topping. I actually colored the whole soap a very slight green, similar to the color you would have if you had used pomace olive oil in your recipe. I poured the bottoms, leaving some room at the top for the rosettes:

I remember (maybe from a tutorial of Amy's?) that if you place something on top of your mold, the soap underneath will set up a bit faster, so I placed a baking sheet on top of my molds while I prepared the rest of my soap, so that the base would be ready for my heavier rosettes.

I colored the rest of my soap with purple mica. It's a muddy purple, because the base was slightly green, but I think it works for this blackberry soap. I stickblended it until it was thick enough for piping and put it in my piping bag:

I test my soap, to make sure it will hold up for piping - this is holding it's shape well and looks good to go! 

Working on the piping, I think the smaller tip is can see the rosettes better:

It is also important to tap down your molds as you are piping your rosettes, it helps the rosettes to settle a bit in the base soap and spread out slightly toward the sides of the mold. Here they all are in the mold:

And out!

It's a very simple technique, but so versatile...I love the way these turned out! :)

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