Saturday, May 9, 2015

Making Coffee Infused Oil (and sugar scrub cubes)

Mmmmm, coffee! Is there anything more divine?? I love to drink it and I love the smell of it - and if I could slather myself in it...I would! And I'm happy to report that I think I've found a way to do it!

Coffee Infused Oil:

1 cup olive oil (or other light oil with a longer shelf life)
1/2 cup fresh coffee grounds

Heat gently on low for 1 hour (if using a tiny slow cooker) or for 2 hours (if using regular size slow cooker), then shut off the heat and let it sit overnight or longer. Strain through coffee filter and store in fridge until ready to use.

Here is a video, demonstrating how I made the coffee infused oil:

Now, the possibilities seem almost endless with coffee-infused could add it to hot process soap (after the cook), lip scrubs, body butters, facial scrubs, body polishes, lip many different ways you could use it!

I'm going to use it in something I have been wanting to try, which was these super yummy coffee-infused sugar scrub cubes!

Coffee Infused Sugar Scrub Cubes
(recipe adapted from here)

3 oz melt and pour soap base
2 oz coffee infused oil

1/2 tsp coffee fragrance oil
1 tsp fresh coffee grounds
6 oz white sugar

Melt MP soap in microwave, the add fragrance oil until combined. Stir in the coffee-infused oil and fresh coffee grounds. Add sugar until thoroughly mixed. Pour into a square or rectangular mold, cool and cut into cubes.

*note, if the mixture cools too quickly to get into the mold, you can reheat it (gently!) in the microwave - don't overheat or the sugar might dissolve.

Here is a video showing how I made the sugar scrub cubes:

How to use sugar cubes:
Hold sugar scrub cube under warm running water for a few seconds, then massage the cube in your hands until it crumbles and mixes with the water, exfoliate the dry areas of your skin, rinse.

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