Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Introducing Soaps and Suds TV

I have some exciting news to share! I was asked a little while ago by the team at Waywire if I would be interested in curating a channel devoted to soap making. A channel devoted to soap making…how fun is that?!

Curated video, such as Waywire, is a completely new concept to me - but I love the idea of gathering and organizing all of our favorite videos in one place (much like a traditional TV channel would), so of course I said yes and got right to work on it!   

In addition to soap making, I have rounded out the channel to include all things bath and body related. The sub channels will include hot and cold process soap making, melt and pour soaps, bath products, creams and lotions, and I will be adding a few other categories as well. The videos will include DIY bath and body recipes, as well as informative tutorials and helpful tips. I have already started adding videos and will be sharing my own videos on there as well, and I will continue to add new relevant videos on a regular basis, so stay tuned and be sure to bookmark the channel and visit often! 

Here is the link: Soaps and Suds TV

PS - See if you can spot my first attempt at a soaping video for the channel. Sadly, it ended in a massive soap seize (of course!), but I thought I would put it up anyway….enjoy! =)

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